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Christopher Chun (b. 1997) is a Korean-American composer for concert classical music (Programs include the Houston Youth Ballet, and North/South Consonance), Film/TV, and Video Games. In addition, Chris also specializes in conducting, the piano/keyboard, the clarinet, and post-production audio work.


Pursuing his love for music at the age of 10, Christopher began on the Piano and Clarinet before undertaking compositional studies at the age of 17 in Houston, Texas. Christopher then attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2020, he graduated Cum Laude with a dual degree in Composition and Film Scoring, with a minor in conducting. During his studies at Berklee, he studied with professor's Rosey Lee, Greg Glancey, Grammy® Award-winning composer Claudio Ragazzi, and Emmy® nominated composer Sheldon Mirowitz and produced student works, such as "Discovery: a prelude" and many more.


Since his undergraduate studies, he went on to compose original works for a variety of ensembles for concert, film/TV, and ballet music. Running and assisting over 20 studio sessions (at locations such as Mix One Studios, Berklee's Shames-Family Scoring Stage, Berklee's The Ark, and many more), he has been able to continue his practices in mixing and develop other post-production audio elements.


Most recent works include Nicholas Castorina's film Liminal (Composer), Cameron Sonsini's film Sacramental Seal (Composer), and other classical/incidental music commissions, such as Kevin Rex's Ballet Lilith (Composer; Ballet).



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